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Degenerative Retinoschisis

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What is degenerative retinoschisis?

The retina lines the inside of the eye like wallpaper. It has multiple layers that are normally stuck together. Degenerative retinoschisis is an age-related disorder where these layers split.

Normal Retina Example
Normal retina

Retinoschisis with Splitting of the Retina
Retinoschisis with splitting of the retina

How is degenerative retinoschisis diagnosed?

Virtually all patients with degenerative retinoschisis are completely asymptomatic. The retinal splitting, which may be in one or both eyes, is detected by your eye doctor during a dilated retinal examination as a smooth solid retinal elevation.

Smooth Elevation of Retinoschisis

How is degenerative retinoschisis treated?

Almost all patients with degenerative retinoschisis need no treatment since the retinal splitting does not usually progress. Rarely patients can develop holes within the split tissue that can mimic or cause a retinal detachment. Patients are usually examined every 6 to 12 months. New flashes, floaters or painless side vision loss are symptoms of a retinal detachment and need to be examined immediately.

Retinal Detachment Example

Retinoschisis with retinal detachment. There are multiple holes in the inner (black arrow shows one of them) and a large hole in the outer (blue arrow) split retinal layers.

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