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Other Eye Evaluations

If you are experiencing any difficulty with your eyes that affects your vision, you are probably a bit nervous about your exam. Understand that many very treatable conditions may cause similar symptoms. Successful diagnosis and treatment begin with a comprehensive eye evaluation. That is why we take great care to examine your eyes thoroughly. We use the safest and most modern equipment and microsurgical techniques to diagnose and treat your vision.

For any evaluation, we ask that you bring a list of any risk factors, allergies, your medical history, insurance information, your eyeglasses if any are worn, and any medications you are currently taking to your appointment. New patients may also want to fill out our new patient and medical history forms prior to your visit as a time-saving measure. Since our doctors and staff take the time necessary to thoroughly examine your eyes, the evaluation will take approximately 1½ to 3 hours to complete.

Depending upon what your visit is for, your eyes may be dilated. Some patients report blurred vision following the use of dilating drops. For this reason, we suggest that you ask a friend or relative to drive you home from your evaluation.

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