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Zeiss VISULAS 690

Zeiss VISULAS 690Photodynamic therapy is a safe, painless in-office laser procedure used for treating certain ocular conditions including central serous retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration. We use the state-of-the-art Zeiss VISULAS 690 for all photodynamic treatments.

Safe, gentle treatment: Three independent monitoring systems, including a waveguide sensor, help to ensure a PDT treatment procedure that is both safe and gentle.

System handling made easy: The intuitive menu architecture on the Zeiss VISULAS 690 PDT Laser avoids confusing sub-menus altogether, enabling you to quickly and easily prepare and perform treatment procedures. The touch screen and knob on the Zeiss VISULAS 690 PDT Laser allow for easy parameter settings. Also, warning and error notifications are communicated in easy-to-understand messages.

Software that supports you: The Zeiss software is designed with an eye to consistently simplify the clinical processes. You benefit from computer-monitored spot size adjustment and an easy-to-use selection list for contact glass. The software on the Zeiss VISULAS 690 PDT Laser automatically registers the magnification level of the selected contact glass to calculate the necessary laser output. Further, a built-in dye timer on the Zeiss VISULAS 690 PDT Laser provides an audible signal when infusion is completed and laser treatment can begin.

Easy-to-read display: The self-illuminating display on the Zeiss VISULAS 690 PDT Laser is optimally suited for the darkened clinical environment during treatment. The white lettering on a blue background reduces glare and is easy to read even without glasses.

Any ergonomic detail at hand: The Zeiss VISULAS 690 PDT Laser features many highly practical ergonomic details, all designed with one objective in mind: to simplify your clinical workflow and streamline your treatment procedures. This allows you to fully concentrate on your patients, rather than on the technology.