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Optometric Residency Program

The ocular disease residency program at Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers is an intensive, clinical-based program that provides an extensive anterior and posterior segment ocular disease diagnosis and management experience. We currently accept two residence positions yearly. The program begins in July of each year and lasts for 13 months. Residents will be trained to extend their education in treatment and management of ocular disease and expanded therapeutics with a leading ophthalmic practice.

Tell me more about the Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers.

Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers is a secondary and tertiary referral center providing solely medical and surgical eye care services. We have 4 vitreoretinal surgeons, a glaucoma specialist, 2 corneal specialists, 2 anterior segment surgeons and 7 residency trained consultative optometrists.

What type of patient contact can I expect?

The resident will spend time with all three of the above services, have direct patient contact with, and be partly responsible for, the care of patients in a variety of circumstances including emergency eye care, peri-operative cataract, and refractive surgery care, anterior segment diseases, retinal diseases, glaucoma, and surgical settings. The resident can expect to learn both routine management of patients plus diagnosis and management of complications. Involvement with patient care will be initially based on experience building to independent patient management.

What type of diagnostic equipment will I come into contact with?

Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers has state-of-the-art equipment including spectral and swept-source OCT, A- and B-Scan ultrasonography, slit lamp photography, fundus photography and fluorescein angiography, Optos Optomap California FA, Orbscan, IOL Master 700, Nidek specular Microscope, Peschke PXL cornea cross-linking, Humphrey Field Analyzers, CATALYS Precision Laser System, Bausch & Lomb Technolas 217-z excimer laser, VISX S4 excimer laser, Iridex CYCLO G6 Glaucoma Laser System, Iridex OcuLight GL 532nm laser, Lumenis Selecta II SLT and YAG laser. The resident can expect to learn the indications for the use or/and interpretation of the above.

Are research opportunities available?

The resident will have opportunities to become involved with on-site clinical research projects and will attend case conferences with interns and attendings.

Do you offer placement assistance?

Upon completion of the program, we offer assistance to the resident in seeking placement, as the resident will be qualified for all career opportunities in disease management requiring residency training.

Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers Optometry Residency Brochure and Manual

Please click here to download our residency brochure and here to download our residency manual.

Contact Information

Nikolaos Zagorianos, OD, FAAO
Residency Supervisor
4010 Dupont Circle, Suite 380
Louisville, KY 40207
(502) 895-0040
[email protected]