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Practice Testimonials

Testimonial of the Month

My doctor is supurb, the best. He answers my questions, is re-assuring, explains my concerns. I trust him! The “crew” that comes down to Glasgow are the best. Over the past 3 years, I’ve never had a complaint. I’m greeted with a smile, we talk and they know my name! That’s important to me. And, as special plug, Christy who checks us out is so sweet, funny and nice. Thankful for you all and Merry Christmas

Many doctors are skilled. You combine skill with kindness and compassion. Thank you so much for taking such good care of my wonky eye while at the same time treating my rather bruised spirit with kindness and encouragement. Whatever the eventual outcome of this ‘adventure,’ we are both so grateful for your caring attention.

GM and AM.

Your staff was amazing. My father can be quite difficult to stay focused and look forward. Your staff went above and beyond to get the best test results they could all the while doing it with amazing care and kindness. Thank you for treating him with respect and dignity.

I adore everyone at Bennett & Bloom. The office staff is the grooviest around. My doctor is the cat’s pajamas, and the nurses are the bee’s knees. Thanks for taking such good care of me and my vision.

I have had four surgeries with Bennett and Bloom. All were conducted with utmost care, expeditiously and with great results. When the Dupont Surgical Center attempted to give me grief and cancel my procedure over an up-front payment, Penny (from their office,) called them and got it all worked out so that my surgery happened on time. THANK YOU PENNY!! I absolutely ADORE my doctor! He is seriously and without a doubt the most kind, caring and empathetic doctor I have ever seen in my 65 years on this earth. The staff always takes wonderful care of me. They schedule my appts very early, so I am never late for work and I am always in and out of the office in 30 minutes or less, dilation and all. I trust them completely with my very precious eyes and will never go anywhere else. Thank you everyone for ALL YOU HAVE DONE AND CONTINUE TO DO FOR ME. You are all the best and Penny deserves a MEDAL for her outstanding patient care! HUGE HUGS TO YOU ALL!! ((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))


Thank you for listening to my concern about my right eye…I really appreciate your taking the time to examine it, then at that late hour of the day to treat it. We are both thankful for you and the care you provide for us.


He has been a great doctor for me. He is reassuring and compassionate. I’m so happy that he continues to study and research. One of the “greats.”


The staff is remarkable! They take care of your concerns and worries. My doctor is very genuine and gentle. I trust him. Thank You.


Thank you for what you do. We appreciate that you take such good care of your patients. We realize that you must sacrifice time with your family to make sure we are all taken care of. May God bless all that you do.

Thank you, J.T.

Thank you so much for your kindness to us inmates at the KSR prison. Many here need your skills. May God guide your hands…

We’re still God’s men, J.H.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so much for taking care of me during my two visits to your office. Since the news of my diagnosis, it’s been challenging to overcome. With your kind spirit and generous heart, you’ve helped me feel comfortable and keep my head at a positive level. Words cannot express how blessed I feel knowing I have an excellent doctor looking after me…

Warmly, T.M.

The staff here are simply amazing. I have never walked into an office, a busy one at that, and every staff I came across was over the top nice. From staff up front to nurses in the back. The wait was a little longer than expected but they addressed and explained the reason for the wait, but it’s expected for an office that was busy. My doctor’s exact words for them being busy was “We don’t turn anyone down, we help everyone and we don’t make patients wait months to get in.” Absolutely loved his response. He is simply the best. Extremely nice. Very explanatory. He breaks everything down from medical terms. Very caring. Very patient. Very kind. He made me (the patient) and my mom feel extremely welcome. He didn’t rush with us and explaining my diagnosis. He has a great sense of humor and makes sure you have no questions unanswered before you leave. He even called later that evening to check up on me after all my testing. I would recommend this office to anyone and everyone!!


I see my 2 doctors at the Jeffersonville, IN office and have now for the past 7 1/2 years. Having melanoma in my eye and losing my sight in that eye has been challenging. Many issues since from the radiation but at each appointment, we deal with those issues and stay on top of them as they are presented. They are by far, two of the most caring and compassionate doctors I have ever seen. Information presented to where you understand it, smiles, and hugs when needed. I trust them totally to give me the best care possible in such an unfortunate situation. Generally, a very short wait period and they get you to each area as quickly as possible, yet the staff and doctors never rush you. The staff becomes like family, always a smile and great conversation. Highly recommend Bennett & Bloom!


I had my retina buckle surgery at a different location & a year later, I still have blurry distorted vision. I was told this was as good as it gets.. But I wanted a second opinion & looked up Bennett & Bloom — wow! The reviews were all true – this place cares! My doctor is by far the best surgeon / Dr. I’ve ever seen! He breaks things down & relates them on a level you can understand. You can honestly tell he cares about his patients. Despite not doing my surgery he understood my fears & made sure to tell me he would do everything possible so my “good” eye would never become a problem – day or night – weekday or weekend – just call & he will see you! I cried in his office & felt very emotional when he told me I would never get my vision back on my left eye .. it was no fault to him! Despite being able to do nothing I’m so glad I went to him for a second opinion. He followed up with me that very night just making sure I was okay Bc he knew I left emotional & if I had any other questions .. that by far meant so much. I’ve never had a Dr show so much compassion & understanding — he truly cares for his patients. Thank you so much.. A lot of reviews talk about the wait time being so long but after one visit, I can understand why. The nurses & Drs don’t push you out of the office like other places I’ve been – they care & want you to get your questions answered.. & that to me makes the wait worth it!

I would like to thank you, your staff and my eye surgeon for a jobs well done. I had cataract surgery four years ago, you participated in my evaluation then. My surgery went flawlessly, my recovery was excellent and my vision was extraordinary.

Four years later I experienced cloudy vision in my left eye. I returned, you examined me and bam, you lasered my left eye and eliminated the problem. One hour in your office and my problem was gone.

With every visit, I have been treated with friendly, courteous and professional people. I have some concept of science. I have a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering and I appreciate the technology. I also owned and operated a manufacturing company for 27 years, so I can appreciate how hard it is to run an effective profitable business. I am not hard to please, but I am really hard to impress and I am impressed by Bennett and Bloom.

Thanks again for being a competent, professional and friendly business.

Sincerely, D.B.

Just wanted to say a sincere “Thank You” to let you know how grateful I am for your fast and effective treatment of my detached retina. You took what could have been a very scary situation and made it (almost) comfortable. I can’t truly express my relief and appreciation, other than to acknowledge that you saved my vision! And now I’ll be able to see my new little girl clearly

Happy Thanksgiving! S.K.

I am so grateful and blessed to have been put in the hands of such wonderful and caring people like you. Thank you so much. Continue to be abundantly blessed.

Much love, A.G.

When you’re scared you’re losing your eyesight, you need a knowledgeable and skilled doctor to guide you. You also need compassion. My doctor was both. Her expertise was reassuring to my mind, but her kindness quieted my heart.

My mother has been coming to the office since 2008. I have also seen several doctors here and now my husband is seeing you for a retina procedure.

In all these many visits you all have shown kindness and compassion. With the recent group of visits with my husband’s retina surgery, it occurred to me how thankful and grateful we are to have you as our eye care providers. From the front desk staff to the technicians to the doctors, we always feel welcomed and cared for.

I want you all to realize what a good job you do. I always recommend this office whenever I talk to someone about eye care. Please know your kindness and expertise is very appreciated.


I am writing to say that for the first time in memory – in roughly 45 years: I WOKE UP AND CAN SEE CLEARLY!!

I saw my dog, my husband, my SON, the ceiling fan, the cat, the artwork on my walls, my grandmother’s China ….

Thank you so much for re-attaching my retinas and to your docs and staff for clearing cataracts and inserting these amazing Symfony lenses!

Thank you, A.W.

I wanted to send a note to you about my grandmother who passed away. I wanted to thank you for taking care of her eyes. You brought a great deal of comfort to her and she talked often about how wonderful you were to her.

Her family and I appreciate your care and your smile

Thank you, C.

A patient of ours just gave us this plaque!

Dr. Singal award for incredible staff and service

Thank you for my new eyesight. I can see individual blades of grass, the trees look like pencil drawings (they are so sharp), the sky is so blue and I can see individual starts at night.

Thank you for your excellent care and for being so thoughtful.

Sincerely, P.S.

I was in your office earlier this week with my mother at your St. Mary’s location. I wanted to share my experience with you, just as I will all of my friends. Initially, we were greeted by a very friendly front office staff with smiling faces… we had to wait about half an hour to be called back by a nurse, which was a bit frustrating. After a short wait, we got to see the doctor… his assistant and he are very friendly and went above and beyond to make my mother feel at home and welcome. His assistant…carried on a conversation with my mom and made her feel at peace. The doctor was very helpful and answered all of her questions regarding her possible upcoming surgery. I am not sure if your supervisory staff recognizes things like this, but I definitely feel that both the doctor, his assistant, and your awesome front office staff be recognized.

Thank you for caring for my mother, for having an excellent staff, and for assisting us in making her health better. I will refer all of my friends and family to Bennett and Bloom…

Thank you again! CG

I want to thank you for being such a good caring doctor. I was very grateful for the love and care you gave me after my treatment last week. It really says a lot of the kind person you are.

Thank you for your help for me during my days after my rough day.

Merry Christmas. L.D.

Can’t find any better, the staff and doctor, AWESOME!!! just had my cataract surgery yesterday. I can see! It was complicated because I had LASIK in ’03 and the topography of the eye needed to be considered. The doctor took his time deciding the best route to take and I appreciated all the research that went into the decision. Thank you from the bottom of the eye chart! I can see it!!! M.W.

Our practice administrator received this note:

I recently sent a blank card to your doctor. It was to be a thank you. After mailing it I realized I had written nothing. This is the only way I know how to tell this to him.

He took care of our son up to his death in February 2016. We wanted him to know that our son with all he went through with his health was most afraid of going blind from diabetes. Although he could only see a small amount, your doctor kept him from going completely blind. He cared about our son as a person, and when he heard of his death talked to one of our grandson’s to say how sorry he was. Our son trusted him completely. He was kind, caring, and made our son feel less scared.

Please let him know how thankful we are to him for all that he did through the years. I know our son would thank him if he could. The world needs doctors like this. May God bless him. JJ and JJ

Just a little note to tell you how much I appreciate you as my Dr for my eye surgery. I really stressed over having it done. You made it more tolerable than I thought possible. I was VERY impressed when you called to check up on me. No other Dr has ever done that. You re the greatest. Without you, not sure I would have done as well. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

OH just to let you know, I am seeing better than I have ever seen and loving it without wearing glasses. J.S.

People like you add little touches of color and warmth to life. Just thinking about your kindness brings me a smile.

Thank you for sharing your amazing gift of healing with me and for introducing me to beautiful new jazz and classical musicians.

You have helped me through this process more than you may know and I will be forever grateful for your kindness and generosity…And for restoring my vision!!

All of my best to you, M.

I wanted to send a note about the visit I had with my father this morning at the Dupont location. I was able to bring him today since my mom recently had surgery and couldn’t drive him herself. They always talk about how great the office staff is, but today I was able to experience it myself. Everyone was so nice and I just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ for that! In a world where everyone complains, I wanted to let you know what a wonderful job you are doing.

Thank you Again! KG

Thank you for all you do. You have been a blessing. Wishing you good blessings coming your way.

Thank you, B.H.

…I’m afraid a simple “thank-you” cannot, does not and will never convey how thankful I am for you, and what you and Dr. Rabaut did for my eye. You may see your job as simply another occupation..please know that it is so much more than that. You and your team saved my vision! And for that, I am so very grateful. So thank you for all your years of studying in school, all your exams and all your time you devoted to this practice. I speak on behalf of so many of your patients when I say THANK-YOU! I never knew to be thankful for something like vision, until it was threatened, and there was a chance I could have lost it. Through that, God taught me that things like health, vision, etc…those things are gifts, we are not entitled to them. In other words, every day I wake up with vision in both eyes, and breath in my lungs, I thank God with a happy heart because I realize God blessed me with yet another day of life & vision. Recognizing how quickly & easily people can lose it, makes me all the more grateful that I have it! And I believe without a doubt, that God used You to salvage the vision in my right eye. Thank you!

God bless you! E.D.

It was so thoughtful and kind of you to take the time (especially on a weekend) to call and express your condolences for the tragic and trying time in our life from the loss of my daughter. This shows that there are still a lot of good and thoughtful people in this world. This means so much to us. Thanks much.

God bless you, the J.R. family

My sisters and I would like to thank you for the care and thoughtful support you provided our father (and his caregiver our mother) over the years. They always spoke fondly of you.

After mom’s passing in November, you were the first person daddy shared that sad news with…your compassion was felt in a way you may not understand.

Thank you, D.M.

I just had to write and tell each and every one of you what I thought of you-you all are awesome. I have never known such a nice friendly bunch of people. You made me feel so comfortable and welcome. Of course, I had the best doctor to operate on my eyes, thank God! Please keep up the good work.

Respectfully yours, L.P.

Thank you for your great treatment and for giving me back a brighter world. I’m very grateful to all. V.B.

My sincerest gratitude for stepping in and assisting me with “leg 2” of my cataract removal. I find it difficult to convey my depth of thanks. How does one thank another for the gift of sight?

While I understand the response is that it is your job, please know that I wake up every day humbled that you stayed late, above and beyond your workday, to help me. Vision is improving every day thanks to your skilled hands. You have to know that it’s rare I walk into an ophthalmology or surgeon’s office and am immediately hugged post-op. I will never forget that moment, nor will I forget the miracle you’ve given me every day.

I look forward to seeing you in a few weeks! And no, saying that never gets old.

With a grateful heart, L.P.

I want to thank you so much for the wonderful treatment and care I received during my recent eye surgery. I was treated with dignity and kindness at the Eye Center and Surgical Center. The doctors and staff are A+. I would highly recommend your services! And best of all…I can see! C.H.

I know this card is small and doesn’t look very “manly.” However, it does say “Thank You.” And that’s what I want to say to you for all you do and have done for me…

Sincerely, E.S.

I want to thank you so much for helping me this past year and for always asking how I am. I am so fortunate to have such a kind, caring and compassionate person watching over me. I am so blessed by God for choosing only the very best eye doctor to care for me. S.P.

When we came into your office, we were in a strange place very worried about what was next. We would like to express our thanks for your care making a bad situation a good experience. We have told many of our friends of the care you gave us.

We both feel that God’s plan put us in Louisville so we could have the eye surgery needed. God does not say we will not have trials but he will provide a solution. Both you and your staff impressed us so much, our thanks don’t seem enough.

Again Thanks, B.P. & D.P.

We thank you for all you are doing for George’s eyes. Love your compassion, kindness, and understanding. We are very thankful for you. You are a fine young man, and we pray for your good health and happiness always.

Thanks, G.C. and T.C.

Thanks for the 3 years of the gift of sight to see the beautiful colors and lights of Christmas. You are so skillful and Blessed by God to help us who are in need of your aid. I thank God every day for Sending an Angel of Merry to restore our sight when possible.

Thanks, J.Q.

I wanted to send along an atypical operation thank you- 15 years later. Recently I visited my optometrist for a regular eye checkup and was pleased to learn that so many years after my LASIK procedure I still have better than 20/20 vision. The technology was amazing back then for my procedure but I diligently researched all the physicians who specialize in LASIK and I couldn’t be more pleased with your expert skills. Because of your abilities, I have been able to enjoy more than a decade free from my eyeglasses and contacts. I couldn’t even make out the large “E” on the eye chart as my vision uncorrected was very poor. It is a blessing to have physicians who can make such a remarkable difference in the quality of life and I am very thankful for my new vision every single day I wake up and see my beautiful family. Some of my close family members are nearsighted and when they are ready to consider LASIK in the future, there is no question that I will help them schedule an appointment with you. Best wishes and thank you for my gift of vastly improved vision. D.W.

I want to thank you for taking the time to explain the situation in my right eye and the difference in my left eye and the cause of losing some of the sight in that eye. I can’t express my thanks enough for your giving me a 95% chance of retaining the sight in my right eye. This had been on my mind for quite some time. You are correct that we do tend to worry about the worst case scenario of events that never take place in our lives. However, this one was on I could not push aside.

I feel fortunate to have you as my “eye physician.” W.H.

Dear Friends, Did I ever get such a big surprise when I opened your card. When I bring you goodies, I do it because I want to thank all of you for taking such great care of me. When I come back for my next visit, I will bring peanut butter Rice Krispy Treats!

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! N.C.

As you well know, sight is the most precious thing. I am very grateful to you- not only for your expertise and knowledge but for your kindness as well. And I’m glad to say that – while not perfect – my eyes are back to enjoying their usual joys – including reading.

My husband and I feel very fortunate to have you as our eye guru.

With great thanks and all good wishes, M.W.

It’s been a while since my dad had surgery and has been to your office. Some of you may know that my dad passed away a couple of months ago…He was a wonderful man.

As his daughter and primary caregiver, I was so thankful for the improvement in his quality of life after the cataract surgery. Because he could see again he was able to enjoy the final 9 months of his life to a much greater degree. He never had to go to a nursing home and because of his treatment for glaucoma, he avoided additional pain and visual impairment.

He finally died of colon cancer, but thanks to your treatment and concern he stayed with me until his final days.

God Bless! K.S.

Thanks so much for doing such a great job on my cataract surgery and for being so nice to me. Everyone treated me with so much respect and caring, and I am so happy that I can see again.

It is also a joy to be able to drive without looking through a fog…Thanks again for everything. I will recommend you to see my friends.

Yours is a great team! J.C.

I recently relocated to NC from KY. While having an eye exam with my new ophthalmologist, he told me that the surgical repair of the macular hole in my eye was a “remarkably excellent job” and that he had not seen better work. I want to congratulate and thank the doctors and staff of Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers for that! DB

I wanted to write a note of thanks and appreciation to all the staff at this office. First to the doctor for my cataract surgery on both eyes in the fall of 2012. To the other doctors I have seen, to all the assistants who have been so kind, and then the assistant Bethanie who checked me out at my last visit and gave me a great report.

Simply said, if you have a problem, go to the best that is available, and that I believe, I did.

Thanks again, B.D.

…Thank you for the beauty of the world I see every day when I open my eyes in the morning. Losing my eyesight, even briefly, was terrifying last summer. The skill of your hands is life-changing for me. Never stop giving your gift…

Your patient, L.D.

Thanks for being a doctor of excellence! Too many docs I’ve had just want $ and don’t truly care about the people in great or desperate need. I believe God put you in my life to miraculously save my vision. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for creating a welcoming environment for your patients to feel “at home”! D.C.

Thank you for calling my house to check on me. You are very kind and compassionate. Please teach all other docs how to behave like you! Your numerous efforts to help me have better vision are miraculous. I believe God put you in my life when I needed a true medical professional to do the impossible. I can see because of you. I shall never forget your willingness to do everything possible to help me.

You’re a great doc! S.D.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU VERY MUCH…Only God knows what a tremendous relief I now have.

You will never know (until heaven), what a remarkable blessing you have been to my life. At times of great difficulty, you brought calm to my storm by assuring me I would see. I appreciate God’s wisdom of leading me to receive your care. I am privileged to be your patient.

Respectfully submitted, S.D.C.

I was one of your patients back in the ’90s. I know you can’t remember every patient you had back then, but to help your memory, I was one of the people who came from Luther Luckett over in LaGrange. I was an inmate. I served out 4 years ago and I’m back home…working as a syndicated cartoonist, and a comic book artist with a book published recently. Also, I’m home with my beautiful wife and together we are designing and screen printing our own t-shirts that we sell at festivals and other events. Indeed there is life after prison.

…What I’m writing to you about is to thank you. I’ve never forgotten the way you treated me whenever I came in for an exam or for treatment. When I entered the treatment room and before I sat down, you requested the guard to take the cuffs and shackles off me before we got started. Sir, that really meant a lot to be look at and be treated with respect and dignity. You can’t imagine what it’s like to be out in public lead in chains and a bright orange jumpsuit, and be among people who I’m sure, think I’m public enemy No. 1.

So I say, “Thanks Doc.” You’re the best..if it weren’t for you, I’d be blind. I thank god the system had arranged such a fine eye clinic to take us to. And we are darn lucky too.

So here’s to you…Thanks for all the good you have done for me as well as the other inmates who were in your care. Those who are still behind the fence are very fortunate. Take care, sir. To a long life…

All the best to you.

I would like to say thank you to your entire staff for always being so professional and helpful and friendly. I had surgery in January and every office visit I have had, I feel like I’m the only person they are helping. It is a nice feeling when you are treated so respectfully. The doctor performed my surgery and made it so easy. I never felt stressful or worried. He always gives me time to ask all my questions, and his answers are always easy to understand. Special thanks to JoAnn in your billing department. She is so patient and really helped me through some tough medical coverage problems. From the front desk to insurance trouble, your staff is WONDERFUL! I can’t imagine anyone but Bennett & Bloom caring for my eyes.

Most Sincerely, P.O.

Thank you for your excellent care and kindness. You made a scary situation something I could handle I feel lucky and blessed knowing you all…

Love, The W’s

I want to thank you for everything you are doing to help me. I am blessed to have you as my eye doctor. I appreciate your love, kindness, and gentleness towards me… S.P.

Thank you for all you have done for me in the last 2 years. There is nothing I can say to adequately express my profound gratitude for the privilege of having you for my eye doctor. Because of you, I can see.

Twinkle twinkle heaven’s star- what a gift you were and are. J.B.

dollarshirt“Little things mean a lot.”

Don’t know how many positive comments you receive. After my two macular injections…No after effects! None! Would never know I had injections…And I want to thank you for explaining Avastin, etc. I do believe in you and your expertise.

$1 shirt…for you! #1.

Sincerely, L.Z.

I want to thank you for the kind & attentive care you provided during my evaluation this week. Even on a hectic and busy day, you and your staff took the time to be personable & thorough. It was also so thoughtful of you to follow-up that evening to make sure we didn’t have any questions. As one who works in the medical field, I can say that you are truly exceptional.

We thank you. J.D. & R.D.

Words cannot adequately express my sincere appreciation to you.

I can see!! I’m amazed!!! It’s high definition vision!!!

The next morning after surgery on my right eye, while I was in your office waiting for the post-op exam, I could read the newspaper without a magnifying glass or glasses.

Thank you for your dedication, expertise, and compassion in helping me as well as all the other thousands of your patients who have had the good fortune to meet you. M.S.

As this year quickly comes to a close, we just want to express our deepest thanks to you for being there for last Christmas Eve, as well as throughout this past year. Your professional expertise, as well as your kindness and compassion to her as well as ourselves, will never be forgotten!

Here is a small treat for you and your family. As a family, we are making a donation to an organization called “Hearts in Motion” in your name as a way of saying thanks for your kindness and care. This organization works with volunteers to help feed and shelter people in the Appalachia region of our state as well as the impoverished areas of Guatemala.

Wishing you and your family a very happy, healthy and blessed holiday season and New Year! M.A. & L.P.

I called you over the weekend and I just wanted to thank you so much for the fact that you followed up on Sunday morning and called to see how things were. I appreciate that very, very much. I think that was the highest form of professionalism and courtesy. As a professional myself, I’m somewhat inspired by that, so once more I appreciate that very much, the fact that you took the time and effort to give me a call on Sunday morning just to see how things were. Very much appreciated. Thank you. E.M.

You made a dream come true. It’s a great gift to open your eyes after 3 years and to see your wife and daughter. There isn’t enough thanks in our hearts to express our feelings for you and your amazing staff.

Thanks again and forever, S.F.

P.S. I truly hope somebody will fulfill your dreams like you all did ours!

I’ve learned, perhaps too well, not to expect much from this struggle we call life, and thereby avoid disappointment. It was one of my best days when I was placed under your care. Not only because you’ve helped me greatly but because you are a warm and approachable person. Not a common thing in this world…

Thank you for saving my sight. Sincerely, J.C.

I can’t even find words to tell you all how kind and caring you are, and how much that means to all of us who come in the office so frightened. You are simply “the best! D.C.

I wanted to personally thank you! You work miracles as if it is easy. I can see so much better since the surgery! E.C.

While it is my practice to thank God for favors granted, I also want to thank you, the physician. I recognize your compassion and skill. While the surgical procedure may have been routine for you, it was a chance for me to be restored to normal vision.

I am compelled to thank you for improving my vision and restoring my enthusiasm for life and the small things I enjoy.

Sincerely, M.H.

I’d like to thank you for operating on my eye to repair my retina. It is a privilege to be one of your patients. I have heard so many good things about you. I knew that I was in good hands. I appreciate what you have done. I can already see light and some things up close so I have faith that I will see even more later on. Thanks to you I have something to look forward to.

May God bless you as you continue giving sight to the blind.

Thank you so much, D.W.

As I’m sure is the case with most of your patients, we had no idea where or what to expect Christmas Eve. And I don’t know what force allowed us to be paired with you that day, but I am thankful. Your honesty and skill has kept me positive and hopeful about an unknown future.

Though I know the journey is not over, nor I’m sure will it ever be over considering my eyes, I am forever grateful that you have given me the gift to wake up every morning since Christmas Eve to see a new day.

Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your care.

My continued prayers of gratitude are with you. L.P.

I don’t know what I would have done if I had not met my doctor. He has been wonderful to me and so comforting when I found out I had glaucoma and lost the sight in my eye. He and his staff make you have hope and feel normal again. He is a wonderful doctor. W.B.

Another year and my favorite doctor still makes his patients feel important, special and taken great care of.

You are truly a gift of a person. J.F.

Words cannot express the gratitude we have for you and your team in responding to my emergency situation on that Sunday night.

God bless you. G.V.

My sincere thanks to all of you for helping to restore to me the miracle of sight in my right eye. I’m seeing better than ever!

Sincerely, R.F.

I felt the need to make you aware of how much your kindness and helpful ways have been appreciated. Thank you for responding so quickly to my request for a letter in my appeal to Anthem concerning Avastin injections. You are all wonderful individuals who have made several unpleasant life situations more bearable; therefore, again I thank you.

Sincerely, A.W.

We wanted to thank you for your kind heart and sweet spirit. You are truly a man of God.

From our family to yours – God Bless. G.W.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting my eyesight back. I know there are a lot more steps I will go through for more clarity of my sight, but what all of you have done has turned my life around!

Again, thank you…Love to you all. I.E. & Family

We would like to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done to help restore Jeff’s eyesight. Thank you for always being so kind and caring for both of us. We appreciate it more than we can express. Each of you are truly an angel sent from Heaven. We know that God heals the blind and we are thankful and grateful that he is working through each of you.

God Bless each and every one of you! J.D. and L.D.

Thank you for the “extra care.” I will always recommend you to everyone I know. You are a special doctor and person. I honor your mannerisms with your patients.

Have a wonderful Xmas with your family. J.F.

This holiday season is a good time to let you know of the gratitude and respect my wife and I hold for your careful, thoughtful and professional treatment of her glaucoma.

We wish you, your families, and your practice happy holidays and a prosperous New Year. J.J. and G.J.

bright sunflowersThank you so much for taking excellent care of my dad before, during, and after his vitrectomy. My parents and I are grateful not only for your professional ability to help heal his eye but for your patience and kindness throughout this experience.

All the best, M.T.W.

PS: The sunflowers on the cover are from their farm!

I can see!! Thank you so much for your care, warmth, and professionalism. You’ve really been great. I am so happy with the results of my surgery. You and your team are amazing in how thorough and dedicated you all are to the patients. I am really impressed with the high level of care I am receiving, even now, after surgery.

I’ve been recommending Bennett & Bloom to everyone I know. Who would have thought that surgery would be such a rewarding experience? But the team managed to make it quick and painless, all the while being efficient and compassionate.

Sincerely, D.C.

I have been a patient at Bennett & Bloom for years now. As much as I am seen there, I still can’t get over how wonderful all of the staff is. Just last night, Dr. Mattas was so kind and reassuring on the phone while I was concerned about my eyes. At 1:30 AM! Dr. Bloom, Dr. Singal, Dr. Peplinski, all of you are always so kind and sincere in your job. Every time I leave there, it’s almost breathtaking how much you all really do care. I’m not exaggerating. Dr. Singal, though we haven’t had the greatest news, you’re so nice how you say it, the news doesn’t make me quite so sad because you break the news gently and that means a lot. Let’s face it, as a diabetic, I see a lot of doctors, but you all are the one place I don’t dread going to. Thank you all for your kindness.

Sincerely, S.C.

I have never been treated better in a doctor’s office. I run a family care home so I’m in lots of doctors offices and hospitals. Your care and concern went far above anything I’ve ever seen…

Thank you and your staff. R.W.

First, I would like to say what a great job has been done by Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers. As you know your good reputation has grown over the years by the great quality, care, and attention you provide for your patients. I can now, see for myself, why this is so. Even though, in my case, diabetes had progressed so far in my left eye. There was no giving up even though the prognosis was dim. I appreciate all the effort put forth in the struggle to save my left eye.

You have a very special doctor on your staff among the rest of you so highly regarded. His patients are treated like family. His dedication to his work leads to sleepless nights before surgeries and after, hoping for the best outcome. Doctors, like him, are rare to come by and I thank God for knowing him and his work. I’m sure other patients feel this way also.

I find it puzzling to know what drives doctors like yourselves to do what you do. But now I somewhat know. It’s not about how much we make doing our job, that’s only material. It’s the satisfaction of knowing that you can help people in need. That you really care about the patient’s well-being. Even if it means that extra office visit on a Sunday when it’s supposed to be a day off. This is hard to find nowadays.

I am glad to be a patient of Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers. You are the modern day saints of the present and future. I believe with your education and surgical techniques you perform miracles every day for some who have lost hope. Thank you for giving me back mine. See you soon! It feels good to say that!

One of the many grateful patients of your eye center, M.C.

Thanks for being the special person and doctor year after year.

I can depend on your skills and your tender touch of caring for your patients.

Bless you, J.F.

Acts of kindness warm the heart, soothe the soul, and make the world turn more gently.

It’s nice to know that there are still people who take such pleasure in doing special things and making others feel good.

Thank you, Sir. You’re really a special doctor. C.J. and A.J.

There are no words I can express how kind and generous you all have been. Thank you so much for making this surgery possible for me. Without it, I would have lost my eyesight. It goes to show that God still has wonderful people on this earth. God Bless you all and thank you so much.

Thankfully Yours, M.K.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your care and concern about my vision. You’re not like most doctors. Your job isn’t just money to you. You care about healing people.

Thanks and God bless you. S.C.

Here’s a poem S.C. wrote for us following her laser surgery:

My eyes are very important to me.
Not only are they pretty but I need them to see.
If I blink or start to cry, please do not get mad.
Having to get this surgery has kind of made me sad.
But, thank you for all you’ve done for me.
You’ve done more than all you can.
I want to let you know I think that you are a wonderful man.

Just to thank you for your knowledge and your own special way of caring for your patients.

You have taken such good care of me. I pray often to keep my eyesight – and you and God are doing a great job.

Thanks, J.F.

Thanks to all the doctors that took care of me. You doctors care enough to do the very best job. I thank God every day that you were there when I needed you. I love you all very much.

God bless you all everyone. C.C.

Please let me express my gratefulness to you for everything you did and calming me for the surgery. My doctor said that this was one of the best he has seen in his 26 years of practice. Thank you!

You’re the boss, H.H.

First of all, I just would like to offer a sincere” THANK YOU” for not only saving my vision but possibly my life.

You made me wake up to the fact of how serious this business of Adult Onset Diabetes and Diabetic Retinopathy really is and how it can affect so many other organs as well.

I truly believe that God has worked another of HIS miracles and used your hands and considerable talent to save my vision…

Your kindness and compassion for others is truly a remarkable characteristic trait in today’s modern world.

May God Bless You in all you do.

Respectfully, R.B.

From just one of your patients that admires and respects all your qualities, not just your medical ones.

For your extra kindness to us that are scared at times, and looking for a safe place to fall!

Thank you. J.F.

Thank you for all you have done for us – I am doing great! Thanks to you my sight is back!

We are so glad God gave you the ability to help others!

Thanks again! J.C.

I won’t be back to see you for six months but I do want to add my “THANKS” to all the testimonials I read. I was another of the very scared ‘older folks’ that walked in there and came out feeling really sort of special! Everyone explained to me what was happening and what to expect and that did a lot for my peace of mind. My eye doctor first noticed my macular holes during a routine exam and he lost no time in getting me in to see Dr. Bloom. He has been in my prayers many times since as well as all of you there. You each have a very special gift that the Lord has given you and you do have His blessing on you as seen in the many, many people you have served. It has to be very tiring at times, but keep on. There are so many who need you!

I’ll be back for another hug! A.O’M.

I thank God every day that there are doctors like you on this earth…

God Bless You, C.C.

I want to thank you personally for making me feel very comfortable and secure with my doctor. It has been a scary road through the years of the unknown of diabetes complications. You have a very special way with people. For your expertise, your intelligence and your compassion, I appreciate you and I needed to let you know that.

Sincerely, J.F.

You and your staff were wonderful and helped me to feel at ease during an anxious time. My husband and I truly appreciated your excellent service.

Thank you again! M.C.

I promised to send you pictures of my drama area at school when we learned about Community Helpers. I spent so much time in your office this past summer that I decided to have an Eye Doctors office and a Physicians Office this year. It has been a while since we learned about doctors. However, thanks to you my three-year-olds have been able to experience being an eye doctor. We appreciated the pamphlets, dark shades, and pictures of the inside of my eye before and after the laser surgery you let me have this summer.

Elementary class room

This picture shows our waiting room (we have two pretend patients waiting to be seen by our doctors and nurses).

Elementary class room 2

This picture shows our exam room. We also had a play instant camera that allowed me to put copies of my pictures on to blank slides which allow you to change pictures so the children could pretend to take real pictures of the eye before and after surgery like yours.

Thanks for the wonderful, greatly improved sight. You bring much joy to the world with the great work that you do, using your talent and skill. M.P.

Thank you for helping me to see my class this year and for years to come. A.V.G.

Thank you – I wish all my medical experiences with the medical profession could be as exceptional as with your office.

Sincerely, R.R.

Your staff and doctors have been wonderful. Anytime I have needed to see the doctor or talk to someone, your whole staff was so nice to me. Thank you for taking my concerns seriously and listening to me…Thank you again for being a considerate practice that truly cares about their patients.

Sincerely, M.C.

Just a brief note to express personally how very much your kindness and professionalism have meant to me and my wife. It is very reassuring to know that we have such an efficient and knowledgeable professional in our corner. Even more important, though, is that kindness and empathy which lift you out of the realm of mere “physician,” and elevate you to true “healer.”

Love and Blessings, R.F. and M.F.

Snow man cartooon
Snow man cartoon ending

This card made me think of you all! Hope you get a chuckle from it!

I especially want to thank you for the care you’ve given me. I feel very blessed to have you and thankful my vision is good after the laser surgery.

Again, thank you. J.M.

drawing of a person by a child patientDear Dr. Big S. Bloom and Everybody, I have missed you all lately but I will never forget to stop in and see you all … Don’t take too many people in or you will be tired. Always stay the same.

Your best friend, Zachary Y.

(Zachary is a 9-year-old boy who underwent successful retinal reattachment surgery.)

Thank all of you for being so nice, encouraging and professional. It has helped. B.A.

It is nearing the 2-year anniversary of a surgery you performed for me that gave me back my life…I feel blessed that someone referred me to you and I pray God’s blessings on your life. Thanks for your dedication to helping people.

God bless & with gratitude, C.S.

You are one of the nicest people I have known. Thanks for what you are doing for me.

Your Star! M.H.

I did not get a chance to properly thank you & let you know how much I appreciate the gift of sight you have returned to me. God Bless You.

Sincerely, C.H.

I’ve been told many times by patients of yours that, following their surgery, it’s like a miracle how their vision improves. Mine too!!

There’s one more thing – I thought after my surgery I’d be painting like Claude Monet, but instead I’m painting like Cary Grant! You are the Best.

Sincerely, L.R.

Thank you for your excellent care. I always feel you are truly concerned. You always listen and take time to answer questions.

May God bless the work of your hands, you yourself and your family.

Sincerely, Sister V.D.

You have been a Godsend to me.

Love & God Blessings, B.S.

Thank you for saving my eye. Thank you for being there at the right time and having feelings for other people. You are the nicest doctor in the world. You have a lot of compassion for people. I’ll always thank God for doctors like you.

Your friend, C.C.

You all are a blessing to me.

Sincerely yours, M.R.

I wish to thank you very much for performing such a great cataract removal surgery on me…Thanks again for being so kind and GREAT.

Sincerely, M.G.

I just wanted to thank you for the loving and courteous care you gave to me. It took a lot to put up with me, but I am getting better just like you said. I feel as if I’m the only patient you have when in your office & your staff is wonderful as always – you are the best.

Sincerely, E.S.

It has been over a year since you did cataract surgery on both eyes. I wanted to write just to let you know and to say “thank you” for surgery well done. You are a kind loving doctor.

Sincerely, L.S.

My “new eyes” are so wonderful – I hate to go to sleep at night for fear I’ll miss something. You did a great job & made such a difference in my daily life!

Sincerely, M.D.