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Amsler Grid

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Amsler Grid Example

The Amsler Grid is designed to find abnormalities in the macula, the reading area of the eye. It helps to find many problems early when they may still be treatable. Ideally, the Amsler grid should be examined daily. It is often easier to remember to look at the grid if it is placed where you are sure to see it, such as on the refrigerator or the bathroom mirror.

The grid consists of a pattern of vertical and horizontal lines with a dot in the center. Test each eye separately, covering the other eye. Glasses should be worn if they are normally used for reading.

You should look only at the central dot and while doing this, notice whether all of the lines are present. You should also look for any areas where the lines are wavy or distorted. Any areas where the grid is missing, wavy, or distorted, that are significantly different from your baseline should be reported to your eye doctor immediately.

Click here to download a full-sized Amsler grid for yourself.