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Top Choice In Louisville By Optometrists

The market research firm, MarketTools, Inc., conducted an independent survey of optometrists in the Kentuckiana area to determine their preferences in the area’s ophthalmology practices. These surveys were conducted online and via telephone. The results showed that optometrists chose Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers as their overwhelming choice for high-quality eye care and for referral of their patients for treatment for retinal diseases, cataracts and refractive surgery including LASIK.

Overall Quality

Optometrists rated ophthalmology practices on a scale of 1 (lowest quality) to 5 (highest quality). Only Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers had 100% of all ratings at the four and five levels.

Overall Quality Graf

Referral Preferences

Optometrists were asked to select their Ophthalmology practice of choice for referral of their patients for treatment for retinal diseases & surgery, LASIK & other refractive surgery and cataract surgery. The results confirmed Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers as the number 1 choice in all categories.

Retina Diseases and Surgery Success Graf

Cataract Surgery Success Graf

LASIK & Other Refractive Surgery Success Graf