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Diabetes/Retinal Evaluation

You can’t diagnose diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, ocular histoplasmosis, or retinal detachment by looking in the mirror since your eye will usually look and feel normal. Sometimes, as in the case of diabetic retinopathy, your vision may be normal despite the presence of potentially blinding eye conditions. Only a thorough retinal examination through a dilated pupil can detect these problems.

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Macular Degeneration exampleFor your first visit, we ask that you bring a list of any risk factors, allergies, your medical history, insurance information, your eyeglasses if any are worn, and any medications you are currently taking. New patients may also want to fill out our new patient and medical history forms prior to your visit as a time-saving measure. Your eyes will be dilated in order to perform a thorough examination. Some patients report blurred vision following the use of these drops. For this reason, we suggest that you ask a friend or relative to drive you to your evaluation.

At Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers, our doctors use the very latest technology to identify retinal disease. Your first visit will last approximately one to two hours, including your examination and any necessary additional testing. Our goals are to precisely define the nature of your eye problem and to begin treatment promptly.

Remember, having regular, comprehensive eye examinations is the best protection against the progression of diabetic retinopathy and other retinal diseases. It is recommended that all diabetic patients be examined at least yearly.

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