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Praise For Our Doctors

Made going to the doctor easier for me as I have a fear of such places.

My doctor, with God’s grace, is a miracle worker! For the 1st time in a long time, I can see very well in my left eye.

My doctor is great! He’s always informative and spends enough time with the patient during visits. Explains things thoroughly.

My dad is being seen currently at the Elizabethtown office. He had a horrible accident where he almost lost his right eye. The care that he has received so far has been outstanding!

One doctor I don’t mind going to.

The doctor asserts himself with a common sense approach and that’s refreshing. This approach reflects on his staff as well.

The doctor is a wonderful person. He is courteous and kind. He is the only eye doctor for me.

It’s so nice, something always going. It’s just a fun place not like a doctors office. So pleasant.

All of your personnel are very professional. You instill a great deal of confidence friendly and caring people. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of my surgery.

The doctor always takes time with me, he answers all my questions and never seems to be in a rush to move on to the next patient. I always feel completely satisfied after my appointment. There are no unanswered questions, doubts, or confusion.

I would recommend the whole works to any and everybody. I cannot explain in words such a great body of people like them.

I have many problems and feel my doctors have a great concern for me.

I know that all the doctors and staff are experts in their field of vision care because of the service and the results of that service.

The doctors and staff turned what could have been a very traumatic visit into a pleasant experience.

I have complete trust in their evaluations and treatment. Would not go anywhere other than Bennett and Bloom Eye Centers.

I have recommended Bennett and Bloom to numerous people. The doctor told me bad news yet told me in a kind way.

Thank you for being so professional and patient with me. The care is exceptional.

You are first class.

The doctor and all of his staff 2 thumbs up. All of that and a bag of chips (smile). I love them all so much. God Bless.

Two friends and my daughters go to Bennett and Bloom Eye Centers today because they know what these wonderful doctors have done for me.

Very pleased with the progress and the doctor’s honest answers.

He is the nicest, most caring doctor I’ve ever met – he even takes time during the day to answer a call from a patient that has a question.

I think he is the most selfless Dr. I know!

Everyone is friendly, pleasant and everyone gives the best service possible – you give your patients such a warm welcome.

I just love him – he is the most kind and helpful one. We have fun talking about my life and my puppy Baby.

The doctor was late today, but he was quite companionable and that made up for it. 🙂 Love you guys!

These doctors are truly doctors, doctors where the doctors go.

I have come to the doctors for almost 12 years – I have no complaints everyone has always been nice.

Was more than a wonderful doctor – he was kind, caring, polite and made me feel that I was in very capable hands.

One of the most patient, nicest doctors I’ve ever run into in my life.

Thanks for wonderful, greatly improved sight – you bring much joy to the world with the great work that you do, using your talent and skill.

Took the time to explain my problem which no one had ever done before.

No better eye doctors anywhere.

They were all super.

Great surgeon and great caring people.

I rely completely on his knowledge – I have the greatest confidence in him.

He is the most caring and considerate eye doctor I’ve been to and I’ve been to many.

I was very impressed with the doctor – I’m extremely frightened about having my cataracts removed, but he really allayed many of my fears!

My doctor said he was sending me to the very best – he did!

Very kind and gentle.

I have been treated by 3 of the doctors and I love them all. I have recommended at least 25 friends to these doctors, with all but one being completely satisfied.

The doctor was wonderful and the complete staff is the best. Care is the big word to describe everyone.

When God made you he made a very special person

A shining example of what every doctor should strive to be.

Very neat, courteous and most of all a brilliant young man.

Without you I would have lost my vision completely – what else can I say but that you are the best.

I was scared and you talked me through it. I never thought it would be like that, they are all super.

I wouldn’t have my eyesight but for the good care I have received from you.

You are a wonderful person – I would not see anyone else.

You have done miracles for me.

Very good, caring, honest doctors.

You are on my list of my favorite people.

Very dedicated and efficient.

Always courteous, kind and considerate.

Took time to talk to me, very wonderful.

Very caring and concerned about your problems.

You were so kind and honest – that’s what I like.