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How To Put In Eye Drops

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It is important to use drops correctly to get the proper dose into your eye.

  1. Either lie down or lean your head back.
  2. By pulling down the lower lid with the index and middle finger of one hand, a pocket is formed between the lid and your eye.
  3. The other hand holds the bottle and is rested against the hand holding the eye open (for support). The tip of the bottle should be near the eye but not touching it. Just one drop is squeezed out and should fall through the air into the pocket.
  4. Gently close your eyes for several minutes while firmly pressing the area between the corner of your eye and your nose with an index finger. This last maneuver accomplishes two things. First, it helps keep the drop in contact with your eye longer, thus increasing its effect. Second, by blocking the tube which leads from the eyelid to the nose, it keeps the medication out of your nose, where it can be readily absorbed into the bloodstream and possibly cause some unwanted side effects. If you have questions regarding this technique, please ask us.

If more than one kind of eye drop is being used, it is important to wait several minutes between the drops so as not to dilute them and decrease their effect.