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Peschke PXL

Peschke CXLCorneal Cross Linking (CXL) strengthens the corneal stroma through the formation of new chemical bonds between stromal fibers.

CXL is the only effective treatment to stop progressive keratoconus as well as related ectatic disorders (such as PMD and iatrogenic ectasia) and has a regularization effect on corneal topography. The PESCHKE PXL SYSTEM was designed with a special focus on effectiveness, safety and user friendliness and incorporates the latest clinical experiences.

It enables the user to fine tune the required energy from 3 mW to 30 mW per cm2 in 1 mW intervals with automatic time adjustment. Furthermore, it allows pulsed radiation in connection with the latest experience in treating infectious keratitis.

The system has an integrated infrared camera for eye tracking and ensure proper distance. The tracking area as well as the threshold can be individually set. If the eye moves outside the parameters, the system will pause. It includes a built-in calibration verification to continuously measure emit-ted light intensity.

A 7-inch color touch screen display shows all relevant information including eye monitoring, treatment settings and remaining treatment time.