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Technolas 217z Excimer Laser

Technolas 217z Excimer LaserThe primary laser we use for laser vision correction is Bausch & Lomb’s Technolas® 217z. This is the only laser designed specifically for LASIK and has been widely established as the market leader for treating nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. When originally approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Technolas 217z far exceeded FDA guidelines, and in more recent FDA studies it outperforms other popular lasers by nearly 20 percent.

With the latest in laser technology, the first true scanning/flying spot laser, the Technolas 217z, guided by our surgeons’ skilled hands, effectively corrects the refractive error using its small beam profile. The beam flattens the cornea centrally, then “polishes” the periphery, or transition zone, to produce an extremely smooth cornea.

In addition, the Technolas 217z offers an active eye tracking system in which a laser beam follows eye movements and locks when the eye moves outside of a predefined range. This laser is so exact, that it responds immediately to movement with an overall reaction time of just 10.7 milliseconds. This feature enhances the level of security and control we have over your procedure.

For those patients with higher order aberrations that can affect your quality of vision, the Zyoptix™ Personalized Vision Correction System may be for you. This system enables us to treat more LASIK patients and effectively remove astigmatism as a result of the widest range of approved treatments (sphere up to –7.00 D and cylinder up to –3.00 D), while also treating higher-order aberrations. In clinical trials, 99 percent of patients were extremely satisfied or satisfied, and none were dissatisfied, with their results six months following the Zyoptix procedure!

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This advanced tool for vision correction allows us to help you achieve excellent immediate post-surgical results, fewer short-term side effects, and overall better vision. For more information on the Technolas 217z contact our Vision Correction Team to schedule your complimentary evaluation to help determine which of our lasers is right for your procedure.