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Refractive Errors

The human eye is designed so that light enters through the cornea at the front, passes through the internal structures and focuses on the retina, which is the nerve layer at the back of the eye. Errors in this focusing system (refractive errors) result in blurred or distorted vision.
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Am I Nearsighted (Myopic)?

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In nearsightedness or myopia, close objects can be seen clearly while distant objects appear blurred.

Am I Farsighted (Hyperopic)?

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With farsightedness or hyperopia, additional effort is required to focus both at a distance and near. This can be difficult, resulting in eyestrain or headaches, or possible blurred vision.

Do I Have Astigmatism?

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Astigmatism is a condition where the front surface of the eye is not round like a basketball but shaped more like a football. All images are indistinct or blurred.

Am I Presbyopic?

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Presbyopia is a natural part of the aging process in which your eye’s ability to focus up close has gradually reduced. This generally affects those 40 or older.

All of these conditions can be corrected by altering the shape of the cornea. There are now several different vision correction procedures that work in this manner but accomplish their results by different approaches. Each has its own set of advantages and one may be better for you depending on your particular case.

Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers has become the area’s leader in vision correction surgery. We have established this leadership position through our commitment to you, our patients, and our superior surgical results. We perform only those procedures that have shown the highest levels of success combined with the lowest risks, using the best technology available. For a complete list of the procedures we perform or to learn more about them and which may be best for you, click here or contact a member of our Vision Correction team.