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Zeiss Cirrus High-Definition OCT

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Zeiss Cirrus High-Definition OCTBennett & Bloom Eye Centers now provides an even more thorough examination and diagnosis of your retina than ever before with the Cirrus™ high-definition OCT. This cutting-edge diagnostic system allows our doctors to get a complete cross-sectional or 3-dimensional view of your retina using an optical measurement known as low-coherence interferometry. The technology is much like ultrasonography, except that OCT uses light instead of sound to generate images.

The Cirrus™ OCT scans an infrared light across the retina, producing retinal images of microscopic quality. It can measure distances as small as 0.05 millimeters and collects over 27 million data points per second! This allows us to view your retina in previously unobtainable detail, enhancing our ability to diagnose and manage a wide range of retinal disorders, including diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, ocular histoplasmosis, central serous retinopathy, macular pucker, macular holes, and vitreomacular traction.
Cirrus™ OCT scan

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