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Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Treatments

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At Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers in Louisville, our expertise extends beyond comprehensive eye and vision care. We also offer a range of cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments to help our patients look their best.

Why Choose An Oculoplastic Surgeon?

When considering cosmetic surgery around the eyes, it’s crucial to choose a specialist who is intimately familiar with the unique structures and intricacies of this delicate area. An oculoplastic surgeon, unlike a general plastic surgeon, has undergone specialized training specifically focused on the eyelids and surrounding facial regions. This specialized knowledge ensures that they can deliver optimal aesthetic results while preserving and, in many cases, enhancing the functional aspects of the eyes. In many cases, trusting an oculoplastic surgeon for cosmetic procedures around the eyes can make the difference between a good outcome and an exceptional one.

Dr. Anne Rowland

Meet Our Oculoplastic Surgeon, Dr. Anne Rowland

Dr. Anne Rowland is at the forefront of oculoplastic surgery, blending both reconstructive and cosmetic expertise. Specializing in the face and eyelids, she’s adept at addressing not only the signs of aging but also more complex conditions like cancers and inflammations of the eye region. When performing cosmetic procedures, Dr. Rowland is focused on using the latest technology and minimally-invasive techniques to deliver natural results.

Facial Plastic Surgery  

Aesthetic Treatments

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Reconstructive Surgery

  • Functional Blepharoplasty
  • Ptosis

Medical Eyelids and Face

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