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Dermatochalasis and Blepharoplasty

What is dermatochalasis?

Dermatochalasis, or baggy eyelids, is redundant skin and fat that may form in the upper and lower eyelids as a result of aging or inheritance. This can begin to appear in the early twenties. The redundancy most frequently is a cosmetic problem but the upper lids can occasionally block a patient’s superior visual field and affect vision.

How is dermatochalasis diagnosed?

A detailed exam performed by your doctor can identify common symptoms of baggy lids such as reduced peripheral vision, brow ache, eyelid skin resting on your lashes, and eyelashes interfering with your vision.

How is dermatochalasis treated?

The doctors at Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers can remove this skin redundancy surgically, often with laser or radiofrequency techniques. This technique is called blepharoplasty. This surgery is covered by insurance if enough superior peripheral vision is blocked on visual field testing.

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