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Our Practice

Bennett & Bloom OfficeWhen Dr. Donald Bennett opened the practice in 1987, his values were based on his earliest and deepest impressions about helping people with eye problems, molded by his father, an optometrist. He saw, growing up, firsthand that the relationship established between the patient and their doctor is the most important part of providing superior eye care.

In 1995, when Dr. Steven Bloom joined him to form the partnership of Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers, he brought the same exceptional understanding that treating patients, not just eyes are the key to successful eye care. As the practice evolved, this focus on patient care has never been forgotten.

For nearly 35 years, our focus first and foremost, has been on patient care – listening, understanding and then helping to solve your eye problems. Today, more than ever, technology plays a vital role in the treatment of eye disease, but we believe it must go hand in hand with close communication with you. That’s why we offer a team approach to patient care.

At Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers, all of our doctors and staff are focused on providing superior medical and surgical eye care. Patient safety remains paramount and that’s why we perform multiple safety checks on our equipment before and during each procedure. We remain ‘results’ and not ‘volume’ oriented. We go the extra mile to make sure that our patients are happy with their vision and our service.

As a result of our patient-centered philosophy, Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers is now one of the largest and most successful ophthalmology practices in the area with a growing team of doctors and a number of convenient locations. We are also the top referring source for optometrists and ophthalmologists throughout the region. We treat many of our fellow doctors for a very good reason; they trust us, and so do our patients.