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Category: LASIK

Why Is LASIK Effective?

Millions of people around the world have chosen to get LASIK to live a life free of glasses and contacts. This is because of one simple fact: LASIK works. LASIK has a staggering success rate of 96%! That means almost all patients who have had LASIK are satisfied with their procedure. What’s not to like?… Read More

3 Reasons LASIK Is Safe

It’s okay to be nervous about getting LASIK. It is, after all, a surgical procedure. And more that, it’s a procedure that involves your eyesight. Don’t let fear cloud your judgement, though. There are a lot of reasons that LASIK is one of the safest and most successful medical procedures around. Not sure about LASIK?… Read More

5 Ways To Know You’re Ready For LASIK

If you are someone with less than clear vision, LASIK eye surgery might be something to consider. It has many benefits over the use of glasses or contacts. It is a quick and non-invasive procedure. Each eye will take approximately 15 minutes during the surgery and is painless. This is thanks to numbing anesthetic eye… Read More

4 Summer Activities Better After LASIK

There’s no doubt about it— summer is fun. Days filled with bright sunshine and nights spent hanging out with friends create some of the best memories! LASIK can make your best memories even better by giving you freedom from glasses and contacts. Here are some of the best summer activities that will be even better… Read More

How To Apply For LASIK Financing

Sure, LASIK sounds like an amazing opportunity to improve your life— no longer having to rely on glasses and being free to see unassisted whenever you open your eyes sounds incredible, right? One of the major things that keep people from even considering LASIK is the scary price tag associated with it. At an average… Read More

Ways to Save for LASIK

It’s no secret that one of the scariest parts of LASIK isn’t the surgery itself – it’s the price tag. The words “An average of two thousand dollars” and “per eye” definitely don’t sound like they belong together. But what if that cost could be broken down into something more manageable? As it turns out,… Read More

Do You Qualify for LASIK?

Even though the equipment and medical training involved with LASIK are complicated, the basic concept of the operation seems pretty straightforward: through the use of lasers and other technology, your eyesight is improved. You may think that you need only go to one of our practices in Louisville or Jeffersonville, Kentucky and request the surgery,… Read More

Why You Should Get LASIK This Winter

Love it or hate it, winter is a month filled with challenges. From the annual drop in temperature to the business of the holidays, winter can be stressful. There’s one thing that makes it even harder – having to deal with glasses during the whole season. Luckily, LASIK exists and can make your winter blues… Read More

LASIK – Not as Scary as It Sounds

Any time the word surgery is mentioned, it conjures up thoughts of an intense procedure followed by a lengthy and painful recovery time. Many people believe LASIK follows the same path, except with lasers. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Let’s take a look at why LASIK is known to be one of… Read More

The History of LASIK Surgery

Laser vision correction is an amazing medical procedure that has helped many to reclaim their vision and is known as one of the safest and most effective surgeries today. LASIK is used all over the world, from Japan to right here in Louisville, Kentucky. Like many other incredible technologies, it has a long backstory and… Read More