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Why You Should Get LASIK This Winter

get LASIK this winter | Louisville, KY

Love it or hate it, winter is a month filled with challenges. From the annual drop in temperature to the business of the holidays, winter can be stressful. There’s one thing that makes it even harder – having to deal with glasses during the whole season. Luckily, LASIK exists and can make your winter blues disappear. Before Old Man Winter really comes knocking, here are a couple of ways you’ll really be left out in the cold if you wear glasses.

Lenses Fogging Up

Maybe one of the most annoying, yet inevitable parts of owning glasses is having your own body betray you. Due to the temperature difference between your face and the air after walking outside, you can be sure one thing is going to happen instantly. That’s right, the lenses on your glasses will become shrouded in your own moisture. Now instead getting the opportunity to run from your nice warm car to the nice warm house, you have to spend precious few moments in the cold, fumbling with your glasses to wipe away enough mist to see through so you can find your keys.

LASIK will give you many small advantages and quality of life improvements that can really add up to have a significant positive impact on your happiness and comfort. If you’re still not convinced, try checking out some of our patient experiences to see what people who have had LASIK have to say!

Winter Sports Become a Hassle

There’s absolutely nothing wrong if you are one of those people that look forward to winter. You may just love the feeling of the season, or it may be because it gives you the opportunity to do what you really love – winter sports! Whether you like the challenge of skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, etc., or you just want to find a big hill to sled down with your buddies, winter can be a fun experience for some. Glasses and contacts only get in the way of your good time.

Not only will you still have to deal with the lenses fogging, things get more complicated when you’re bombing down a slope. Glasses can bounce around, contacts become noticeably more uncomfortable, and unless you are already a professional- tumbles are going to happen. These falls are a great way for your glasses to sail into the snow, or your contacts to fly off your face. Even if you shelled out the cash for an expensive pair of goggles, you’ll still need to waste time adjusting or reapplying your seeing aids when you could be laughing and smiling.

If you’re planning on going to Paoli Peaks near Louisville, KY, consider getting LASIK this year to get the most out of your trip. Not only will you be satisfied not having to go through the ordeal above, but you’ll have the added pleasure of knowing you won’t forget to pack your glasses or more contacts.

Winter is hard. Make it easier on yourself and get LASIK this winter! To schedule your LASIK consultation, contact Bennett & Bloom Eye Center in Louisville, KY.