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Category: Glaucoma

Glaucoma Treatments and How They Can Help

Glaucoma is, for now, an incurable condition. It is extremely damaging to eyesight, and worst of all, it is extraordinarily hard to detect, earning it the nickname “the silent thief of sight”. This may make you wonder what glaucoma treatments are available. Fortunately, while it is impossible to reverse the damage done by uncontrolled glaucoma,… Read More

The Many Types of Glaucoma and What Makes Them Different

Glaucoma is an eye disease that slowly, or sometimes rapidly, causes vision loss and blindness. It does so by damaging the eye’s optic nerve, which transports electric impulses to the brain. The concerning part about this disease is that there are virtually no symptoms until permanent vision loss has occurred. Glaucoma is actually a blanket… Read More

4 Glaucoma Facts You Need to Know

Glaucoma is a devastating condition that is incredibly hard to detect (without regular eye examinations) and can damage sight beyond repair. Glaucoma related vision loss can be prevented, but it’s important to know that facts first. There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to glaucoma but to get you started here’s a few… Read More

3 Common Eye Conditions To Watch Out For

With age comes many amazing things, like wisdom and experience from the world around you. But what many people don’t expect is for their eyesight to change. Eye health is important no matter what age you are, but older, aging eyes require a yearly comprehensive eye exam. Before your next eye exam, make sure you… Read More

Exercise and How it can Positively Impact Your IOP

Recent studies suggest that exercise can help to alleviate some eye pressure, which can potentially help if you have glaucoma. Now you might be thinking, “well, how much do I need to work out to get results?” The great thing is, you don’t need to work out rigorously to see results. Studies show that you… Read More

Glaucoma Awareness Month

This month is National Glaucoma Awareness Month. January is an important time to raise awareness and spread the word about glaucoma, its symptoms and its treatment. The disease is considered the “silent thief of sight” as there are virtually no symptoms associated with it and once vision is lost, it’s gone for good. As much… Read More

Glaucoma and Why You Should Have Your Eyes Examined

What is Glaucoma? Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases in which the optic nerve, which connects your eye to your brain, is damaged by the pressure of fluid inside your eye. There are two main types of glaucoma. One is primary open-angle glaucoma and the other is angle-closure glaucoma. These types of glaucoma are… Read More

January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month

January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month. It is an important time to spread the word and raise awareness about glaucoma, which is considered a thief of sight. There are virtually no symptoms associated with the disease and once vision is lost, it is gone for good. As much as 40% of one’s vision can be… Read More