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3 Reasons LASIK Is Safe

LASIK Candidate

It’s okay to be nervous about getting LASIK. It is, after all, a surgical procedure. And more that, it’s a procedure that involves your eyesight. Don’t let fear cloud your judgement, though.

There are a lot of reasons that LASIK is one of the safest and most successful medical procedures around. Not sure about LASIK? It also has a 96% success rate with patients who have had it. Keep reading to learn more about why LASIK is so safe!

LASIK Technology

The best LASIK surgeons use state-of-the-art technology to ensure the best results. LASIK has come a long way from its beginnings several decades ago.

LASIK used to use blades called microkeratomes to correct vision. This technique was still quite effective, but it was also flawed.

Nowadays, we have custom LASIK that uses digital 3D mapping software. This software creates a near perfect representation of the surface of your cornea.

Instead of going by prescription, doctors can now take all guesswork out of the equation. Like your fingerprint, everyone’s corneas are a one of a kind shape.

Lasers made cuts more precise and shortened recovery time after the surgery. The best part is that technology never stops improving! LASIK is only going to get safer, more effective, and involve less recovery time as the years go on.

Doctor Training

To become a licensed LASIK surgeon, you need a lot of schooling. To start, you need a bachelor’s degree, followed by intensive medical training.

After training, you’ll need to complete residencies, and on the job experience. This is all after completing your degree! They don’t let just anybody work on people’s eyes.

Ophthalmologists also need to be part of fellowships in the areas that they decide to work in. They are held to tight standards and need to have proper certification.

Want to make sure you’re seeing a qualified LASIK surgeon? You can check their credentials online:

  • The National Practitioner Data Bank
  • The American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • The American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery

You should take comfort knowing that your LASIK surgeon has completed extensive schooling. The more experience a surgeon has, the better your results will be.

The Research

LASIK has been scrutinized and studied for well over 40 years. The technique and method is well understood. Studies have proven that LASIK is the superior choice in refractive surgery.

This is the case as long as a patient is a good LASIK candidate. It’s important to note that not everyone is good for LASIK.

As it’s a surgical procedure, it comes with its own risks and complications. There have been millions of successful procedures performed since LASIK became FDA approved.

If you think you want LASIK, you need to undergo a LASIK consultation. This is the only way to know if you are a good candidate for LASIK.

Still feeling anxious? Not a problem. The best way to learn more about LASIK is by coming in and talking to an ophthalmologist yourself. Come into Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers in Louisville, KY for a LASIK consultation today!