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Mattie Adams, OD

Dr. Mattie Adams, a Tennessee native, joined Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers in 2022 as a consultative optometrist after completing her post-doctoral training as an Ocular Disease Resident Optometrist here at BBEC. During her residency, she became extremely proficient in the treatment of retinal disease, glaucoma, uveitis, corneal pathology, dry eye, and the complexities of… Read More

Why Is LASIK Effective?

Millions of people around the world have chosen to get LASIK to live a life free of glasses and contacts. This is because of one simple fact: LASIK works. LASIK has a staggering success rate of 96%! That means almost all patients who have had LASIK are satisfied with their procedure. What’s not to like?… Read More

How Do I Choose An IOL?

Choosing an IOL is one of the most important decisions to make before cataract surgery. IOL stands for “intraocular lens” and is a synthetic lens used to replace a lens affected by a cataract. There are actually several different kinds of IOLs that you can choose from and they all have pros and cons. Here… Read More

Why Are Cataracts So Prevalent?

Cataracts are one of the leading causes of blindness worldwide. They affect even more people than glaucoma. A cataract can develop for many reasons but the most prominent is age. As we age, usually beginning around the age of 40, the proteins in the lens of our eye can begin to clump together. This creates… Read More

3 Reasons LASIK Is Safe

It’s okay to be nervous about getting LASIK. It is, after all, a surgical procedure. And more that, it’s a procedure that involves your eyesight. Don’t let fear cloud your judgement, though. There are a lot of reasons that LASIK is one of the safest and most successful medical procedures around. Not sure about LASIK?… Read More