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Bennett & Bloom Blog

Ways to Save for LASIK

It’s no secret that one of the scariest parts of LASIK isn’t the surgery itself – it’s the price tag. The words “An average of two thousand dollars” and “per eye” definitely don’t sound like they belong together. But what if that cost could be broken down into something more manageable? As it turns out,… Read More

What Happens During Cataract Surgery?

If you suffer from cataracts, you know how difficult they can make your life. They slowly cloud and distort your vision, and only seem to get worse. Know that you are not alone. In fact, cataracts naturally occur in everyone, and they are simply a result of getting older. Some factors may increase the risk… Read More

The Many Types of Glaucoma and What Makes Them Different

Glaucoma is an eye disease that slowly, or sometimes rapidly, causes vision loss and blindness. It does so by damaging the eye’s optic nerve, which transports electric impulses to the brain. The concerning part about this disease is that there are virtually no symptoms until permanent vision loss has occurred. Glaucoma is actually a blanket… Read More

Do You Qualify for LASIK?

Even though the equipment and medical training involved with LASIK are complicated, the basic concept of the operation seems pretty straightforward: through the use of lasers and other technology, your eyesight is improved. You may think that you need only go to one of our practices in Louisville or Jeffersonville, Kentucky and request the surgery,… Read More

Why You Should Get LASIK This Winter

Love it or hate it, winter is a month filled with challenges. From the annual drop in temperature to the business of the holidays, winter can be stressful. There’s one thing that makes it even harder – having to deal with glasses during the whole season. Luckily, LASIK exists and can make your winter blues… Read More