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How To Apply For LASIK Financing

How To Apply For LASIK Financing

Sure, LASIK sounds like an amazing opportunity to improve your life— no longer having to rely on glasses and being free to see unassisted whenever you open your eyes sounds incredible, right? One of the major things that keep people from even considering LASIK is the scary price tag associated with it. At an average cost of around $2,000 per eye, it’s no wonder many people think it is simply a pipe dream! However, there are plenty of ways to help manage the cost of LASIK in Louisville, Kentucky. Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers offers a variety of financing options so that you can afford the vision you deserve. Even better, it’s easy to apply for LASIK financing!


The CareCredit® card is designed to help you pay for a wide range of healthcare costs that aren’t covered under your insurance program. You will have access to special financing options including extended long-term financing. Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers accept the CareCredit® card for the use of LASIK. Payment plans using this card help divide up the lump sum cost of the treatment into smaller, more reasonable month-to-month installments.

To apply for a CareCredit® card, contact Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers for more information. And don’t forget- it can be used for all kinds of healthcare including dental, cosmetic, chiropractic, and even veterinary services! CareCreditⓇ can be a lifesaver when you need it, and a great way to get the vision you’ve always imagined.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Some employers offer an option for a “flexible spending account” (or FSA). An FSA lets you set aside some of your income throughout the year and withdraw it for certain health expenses, like LASIK. When withdrawn, the money is not taxed, meaning you are effectively saving whatever your local tax rate is! You could end up saving up to 35% by using an FSA, which really adds up.

Keep in mind that when using an FSA you will need to do some extensive planning before. Most employers have a cap on the amount of money you can put into an FSA and unused money at the end of the year may be subject to forfeit. Check with your employer to get the full details of how your FSA works if it is available!

Tax Deduction

LASIK qualifies as a deductible medical expense, meaning you could be saving some serious money during tax season. Simply claim it on your itemized taxes!  

Other Payment Options

Bennett & Bloom Eye Care Centers accept many different forms of payment. Cash and check are always welcome, as well as payment through a normal credit card. We also offer online payment options that are easy to use. If you are in a generous mood, consider purchasing a Holiday Gift Certificate that can be used at our office for a friend or family member!                  

Don’t let the cost of LASIK scare you away. Millions of people agree that LASIK is a satisfying choice to make! Schedule your LASIK consultation now and get ready to change your life forever!