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4 Summer Activities Better After LASIK

4 Summer Activities Better After LASIK

There’s no doubt about it— summer is fun. Days filled with bright sunshine and nights spent hanging out with friends create some of the best memories! LASIK can make your best memories even better by giving you freedom from glasses and contacts. Here are some of the best summer activities that will be even better after you get LASIK with Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers!  


Whether you’re roughing it in the woods with nothing but a tent or you’re staying at your family’s cabin in the woods, camping is a great way to get in touch with nature. If you have glasses, however, you’d better be careful. Tripping over a root or stumbling over a rock can spell instant trouble. If they fall off your face, you’ll have to carefully crawl around trying to find them. In the back of your mind, you’ll be hoping you don’t hear a “crunch” that means you accidentally stepped on your glasses. Most people only have one pair of glasses. If you don’t have a backup pair with you, your camping weekend is ruined! Avoid this scenario altogether by getting LASIK and kissing your worries about glasses goodbye.  

Beach Trips

There’s nothing better on a hot summer’s day than a trip to the beach. Twin Knob Beach is less than an hour drive from Jeffersonville, KY where our office is located! Beaches offer a wide variety of activities and ways to relax, so you’ll never be bored. You can play volleyball in the sand, sunbathe while reading a good book, explore the coastline, and, of course, swim! If you wear contacts, your fun beach trip can quickly become a nightmare. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than getting sand in your eyes and irritating your contacts. You may love the wind in your face, but your eyes don’t. They may dry out, accidentally causing a contact to pop out of your eye. We’ve all been there! Want to have your best beach adventure yet? LASIK can change your life in just a few minutes! Imagine a life where you can go wherever you want, without stressing out about forgetting your glasses or contacts. It’s possible after LASIK.

Sports & Physical Activities

Sports are fun all year long, but especially during the summer months. Make the most of your summer activities like running, hiking, and biking.  If you’re competitive, you’ll need all the focus you can get. It’s a lot harder to get into the zone if your glasses are fogging up or your contacts are making it impossible to see. Eliminate this problem completely by setting up your complimentary LASIK consultation with us. It’s time to see the world as it was meant to be seen.


Remember your last vacation? It probably included some frenzied packing and hoping you brought enough spare contacts and a spare pair of glasses. Think of all the time and energy you’ve wasted because of contacts or glasses! It’s time to travel with no strings attached or glasses to hold you back. It’s a lot easier to snorkel in the Caribbean and see tropical fish if you don’t have to worry about being blind underwater. If you love traveling and exploring the world, you owe it to yourself to explore the possibility of LASIK.

Make this the last summer you have glasses! Contact the experts at Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers and schedule a LASIK consultation today.  You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain after LASIK.