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5 Ways To Know You’re Ready For LASIK

If you are someone with less than clear vision, LASIK eye surgery might be something to consider. It has many benefits over the use of glasses or contacts. It is a quick and non-invasive procedure.

Each eye will take approximately 15 minutes during the surgery and is painless. This is thanks to numbing anesthetic eye drops, although you may feel slight pressure.

Immediately after surgery, you will need to rest in the surgeon’s office for a short time. After getting cleared, you are free to head home. You’ll need to find someone that can drive you home in advance since you’re not allowed to drive.

After a few days, your eyes and vision should be completely settled. Before that, there are several things to consider before moving forward with LASIK.

The Health of Your Eyes

You need to have an eye exam with your doctor to determine if your eyes are healthy enough for LASIK. There are several conditions that may have an effect on your eligibility for LASIK.

If you have an infection, dry eyes, or glaucoma or cataracts, you likely aren’t a good candidate for LASIK. Your doctor will also check to see if your corneas are thick enough for LASIK.

This is important because thin corneas aren’t suited for LASIK. Patients with thin corneas may develop serious complications after LASIK.

Your Health

There are certain health conditions that can restrict your ability to get LASIK. If you have an autoimmune disease, diabetes, or chronic pain, you are at a higher risk of complications.

As a result, there may be other vision correction procedures that are better for you.

Vision Stability and Prescription Limits

If the state of your vision isn’t stable, you will likely not qualify for LASIK. Causes of this can include, among other things, myopia in eyes that are not developed or pregnancy.

Your prescription must also not be too severe. This can create higher levels of unpredictability in the results from surgery.

If this is the case for you, a different type of corrective surgery such as PRK might be best. You can ask about these procedures during a LASIK screening at our clinic in Louisville!

Assessing the Costs

Most insurance companies and plans won’t cover the cost of LASIK surgery. Unfortunately, LASIK is still considered elective surgery. Be ready to pay for the operation out of pocket.

The cost per eye for LASIK is around 2,000 dollars on average. While this may seem high, there are many options for financing like payment plans.

It’s important to research and find out what the best option is for you. LASIK may be tax deductible for you or your employer may offer special spending accounts.

You should also find out if the eye care practice performing LASIK offers any financing. You may be able to get a better deal directly from them instead of an outside company!

Want to find out if LASIK is right for you? Schedule a LASIK consultation with Bennett & Bloom in Louisville, KY today!