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Don’t Let Dry Eye Ruin The Holidays

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The holiday season is upon us! Thanksgiving has come and gone, and now Christmas is right on the horizon. You’ve got enough to deal with…don’t let dry eye ruin the holidays! Keep reading for 3 ways to treat your dry eye this winter.

Problem: Dry eyes when you wake up

There’s nothing better than waking up with eyes too dry to open. Seriously. We know this is extremely uncomfortable. You’ve got way too much to do, so make things easy on yourself and buy a humidifier.

You’ve walked past them a hundred times at the pharmacy or the grocery store, but they work! Here’s why: humidifiers replace some of the water that’s missing from the air.

In the winter, the air gets drier, which can affect your eyes. Yes, the moisture in the air affects your eyes. Using a humidifier regularly can help replace some of the moisture your eyes have lost.

Problem: Dry, exhausted eyes after working in front of computers

There are pros and cons for working in front of computers, but a con is eye strain. Working for eight hours in front of screens is not good for your eyes, believe it or not. So unless you’re going to work in the past, you need to make computers work for you.

A good rule of thumb for avoiding dry eye and eye strain is taking frequent breaks. Try to take a break once an hour. This doesn’t have to mean going somewhere on a walk for 15 hours. It can be as simple as looking at something that’s 20 feet away for 10 seconds.

The goal is to stop looking at your screen that’s causing your dry eye and strain, at least temporarily. Part of the reason dry eye and strain happens is that you blink less looking at screens. By taking these small breaks, you give your eyes a chance to blink and re-lubricate naturally.

Problem: Contacts making your eyes dry and itchy

Anyone who wears contacts regularly knows that it’s a love/hate relationship. Not having to wear glasses is fantastic! But contacts dry out, can tear, or just irritate your eyes. Not to mention, during the winter, dry eye often gets even worse if you’re wearing contacts.

Besides resigning yourself to wearing glasses, make sure your contacts are clean. If you find that your eyes are itchy while wearing your contacts, it might be time to clean them. Another solution is to get acquainted with artificial tears.

Make sure you’re using a formula that’s safe if used with contacts. Artificial tears can provide temporary relief when your eyes are burning or itching.

Problem: What if my eyes are still itchy?

It’s possible that you can try all the above tips and your eyes are still dry and itchy. At this point, it’s time to see an eye care professional at Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers. Like millions of Americans, you may have what’s known as chronic dry eye syndrome. Although there is no cure for dry eye, there are plenty of ways to treat it.

If you’re ready to stop suffering from the debilitating symptoms of dry eye, contact us! Schedule your dry eye evaluation at Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers in Louisville today!