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Refractive Lensectomy

Those who are not candidates for LASIK or ASA, or who desire treatment for presbyopia (the loss of reading vision often associated with age) now have more treatment options than ever before. PRELEX and Refractive Lensectomy are procedures that involve removing the natural lens of the eye and replacing it with an intraocular lens implant (IOL). Technological advancements have made a variety of lens replacement options available.

For these procedures, you have the opportunity to choose between a traditional single vision lens that focuses at either distance or near (but not both), one of a number of multifocal lens implants, or an accommodating lens implant. These new implants, which include the Toric and Multifocal lenses, will allow you to see up close, in the distance and in between, a range of vision previously achieved only by wearing bifocals or trifocals. As always, a comprehensive pre-surgical evaluation is necessary before determining which lens implant, if any, will be right for you. Our doctors will then help you decide which technology will be the best fit for your eyes and lifestyle. Click here to learn more about these individual lenses.

The procedure for implantation of all lenses is similar to traditional cataract surgery. Our doctors use the “no needles, no stitch, no patch” surgical technique, so you are relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure. It takes only a few minutes and is performed in an outpatient facility.

Our doctors have performed many thousands of lens implant procedures including PRELEX, Refractive Lensectomy, and cataracts. This life-changing procedure may be right for you! For further information, contact any member of our Vision Correction team.