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Our Procedures

Vision correction procedures, including LASIK, and ASA, are designed to create their effect by changing the shape of the cornea, the front surface of the eye. Other forms of vision correction, including the EVO ICL™ and Refractive Lensectomy / PRELEX with the Toric or multifocal intraocular lenses, involve implanting a replacement lens to correct your vision.

All of our procedures are performed on an outpatient basis while you are awake. In fact, only eye drops are needed to numb your eye. This allows the procedures to be relatively fast and painless, and most patients return to work the very next day.

Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers has become the area’s leader in vision correction surgery. We have established this leadership position through our commitment to personalized patient care and superior surgical results. We perform only those procedures that have shown the highest levels of success combined with the lowest risks, using the best technology available.

To learn more about the procedures we offer and which one may be right for you, click on the links at right, or contact any member of our Vision Correction team.