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All Laser LASIK

LASIK is the most advanced of all vision correction surgical procedures and is FDA-approved to treat most refractive errors. LASIK was first performed for vision correction in 1991. The Louisville-area vision correction experts at Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers now perform only All-Laser LASIK. This painless procedure uses a two-step laser process to correct vision and takes only 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Unlike traditional LASIK, which uses a metal blade, our All-Laser LASIK procedure uses no blade at all.

The first laser uses pulses of invisible light energy that allows our doctors to create consistent corneal flaps with exacting precision. At Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers, we utilize the Zeiss Visumax Laser to create ultra-thin flaps at the finest possible accuracy level. These flaps provide a greater margin of safety in part because they are often half as thick as flaps produced by a mechanical blade.

The second laser, an excimer laser, emits ultraviolet light through pulses of energy that reshape the underlying corneal tissue in order to correct visual aberrations based on your specific eye parameters. We prefer the Alcon Wavelight EX500 Laser for this portion of the  procedure. At Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers, we believe this laser is the gold standard in laser vision correction and here’s why:

  • The EX500 was the first laser to offer wavefront technology, which customizes the laser treatment specifically to each person and the unique imperfections of their eye. This provides for superior visual outcomes.
  • This laser was built for speed. It emits 500 pulses per second, which allows for quicker, more comfortable, and more accurate treatments.
  • The built in eye-tracker system monitors eye movement and rotation, so even if you move the slightest bit, the laser will follow your eye movement and still stay centered! Again, this allows for more accurate treatments and better visual outcomes.
  • The EX500 also has a wider range of treatment parameters than any other laser. So, those with higher prescriptions may still  qualify for laser vision correction with this laser, even if they were told in the past that they did not qualify for LASIK.

Not only can we help improve nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, we can perform individualized wavefront treatments to provide better nighttime vision and improved visual function for patients with significant higher order aberrations. This is accomplished by first analyzing each eye for its own unique imperfections and then, through a sophisticated computer program, adjusting the delivery of the laser pulses to remove these defects.

Our Louisville-based doctors and experienced staff have performed thousands of LASIK procedures in Kentucky & beyond that have resulted in excellent visual outcomes and have transformed the quality of their patients’ lives. Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers use state-of-the-art laser technology for vision correction surgery. Successful outcomes, however, depend not only on having the most advanced technology but also on superior and refined surgical techniques. We even designed a special instrument used during LASIK. While technology enhances results, technology alone is insufficient for obtaining excellent clinical outcomes. Experience, skills and continually updating surgical techniques and equipment to accommodate new advances make Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers a superior choice for obtaining optimal vision correction results.

Most of our patients see 20/20 just one day following their ALL Laser LASIK procedures!

If you are considering LASIK in the Louisville area, or anywhere in Kentucky, please contact one of our highly trained counselors for more information. Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers…Go Where The Doctors Go!

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