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Our practice offers the most advanced multifocal lenses including Panoptix, Symfony and ReSTOR.

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PanOptix is the newest lens available in the USA, having already been a leading presbyopia correcting lens in over 70 countries. It provides exceptional vision at 3 different distances (distance, intermediate and near) using a proprietary ENLIGHTEN Optical Technology. Click here for more information.

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The TECNIS Symfony is capable of providing high-quality vision throughout the full range of vision: distance, intermediate and near. A full diffractive posterior surface makes the optic pupil-independent, which is especially important for low light conditions. Click here for more information.

ReStor IOL Lens Diagram

The ReSTOR lens uses an innovative apodized diffractive technology to provide a full range of vision. It works like two lenses in one. Combining refractive technology for distance vision and apodized diffractive technology for near vision through a series of concentric rings. Click here for more information.View Video