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Our practice offers 2 multifocal lenses, the ReSTOR and TECNIS.

ReStor IOL Lens DiagramThe ReSTOR lens uses an innovative apodized diffractive technology to provide a full range of vision. It works like two lenses in one. Combining refractive technology for distance vision and apodized diffractive technology for near vision through a series of concentric rings, the ReSTOR lens allows light from both distance and near objects to focus clearly on the retina. This is something that many cataract patients would otherwise have to achieve by wearing reading glasses. Clinical studies have shown that 80% of those with the ReSTOR lens did not have to use glasses for any activity after surgery, while only 23% of the control group who received conventional IOLs achieved this same level of visual freedom. Visit acrysofrestor.com for more information.

The TECNIS Multifocal Family of IOLs is capable of providing high-quality vision throughout the full range of vision: distance, intermediate and near. A full diffractive posterior surface makes the optic pupil-independent, which is especially important for low light conditions. Click here for more information.View Video