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Monovision IOL

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Monovision allows you to see up close with one eye while seeing clearly at a distance with the other eye. The part of the brain related to vision tends to filter out the image from the eye that is not in clear focus. If you choose monovision you eventually do not pay attention to the eye that is not as clearly focused. Many people who wear monovision contact lenses like this arrangement. It allows them good vision both near and distance without the hassles of corrective lenses. However, monovision is not for everyone and does take some time to adjust. Also, monovision does not correct vision as sharply as having both eyes corrected to the same focus. Monovision is best suited for people who have a strong preference not to wear corrective lenses such as reading glasses. We highly suggest you try the monovision contact lenses for a few weeks to see if monovision is right for you.