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Several years ago my local optometrist told me that he couldn't help me with my vision (20/1300 and 20/1500). I sought a new medical professional who referred me to Bennett and Bloom for cataract...
John B Carter

I have been seeing Dr. Singal at the DuPont Office in Louisville, Kentucky, for many years. If you need a retina specialist with a great demeanor who will explain things to you, Dr. Singal is your ph...
Jessica Lynn Williams

I had a pretty great experience in the office. It was super crowded but they got me back in a decent amount of time. The only issue I had was after seeing Dr. Singal in the office, he called me at 9pm...
Alyssa Claycomb

Dr Singal is brilliant and I feel he not only saved my vision but also my health by identifying an autoimmune disease I have before anyone else did. I am so thankful to have such a smart and caring D...
Cara Stoess

Never go to an emergency room if you have a problem with your eyes! They may blind you. Call Bennett and Bloom they have a 24 hour call. Dr Zagorianos saved my eyesight! Some times the wait is very lo...
Lisa Peacock