Nidek YAG Laser

Nidek YC-1800 YAG laserAt Bennett & Bloom, your doctor has access to one of the most advanced ophthalmic lasers available; the Nidek YC-1800. This 5th generation Nd:YAG Laser operates under the physical principle known as photo-disruption, the inflared light works by creating a tiny shock wave inside your eye that is capable of disrupting adjacent tissue. Its features include:
- High operability with S-switch on joystick
- Reliable laser output with unique D-pulse control
- Dual rotatable aiming beam for accurate alignment
- Wide range of focus shift

Our YAG laser is used to treat scar tissue (posterior capsule fibrosis) that grows around the IOL following cataract surgery. It is also used to treat or narrow angle glaucoma.

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