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Zyoptix Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Zyoptix personalized laser vision correction system for myopia and LASIK?

While non-customized LASIK has been a popular, virtually painless and effective means of vision correction, it does not correct for individual flaws and irregularities of the eye. With the use of wavefront technology, Zyoptix personalized vision correction system from Bausch & Lomb has the capability of providing customized laser treatment that is unique to each eye.

Is it possible for someone who wears eyeglasses to see 20/20 or better after surgery?

Yes, in fact, the analysis of data from a U.S. clinical trial of 340 total eyes treated and based on refractive data at a 6-month follow-up examination, found that 91.5% were corrected to 20/20 or better visual acuity without glasses or contacts.

Does the procedure hurt?

The Zyoptix personalized laser vision correction procedure is designed to be painless and performed in a matter of minutes with a minimum of discomfort.

How quickly will my eyes recover?

You should be able to see better 1 to 2 hours after the treatment has been completed, but you’ll notice the really dramatic difference when you wake up the next day. Even though your sight will be reasonably good soon after Zyoptix, your eyesight will not have recovered sufficiently to allow you to drive. You should be able to drive after your first check-up. Most people get back to their normal activities within a day. You should avoid contact sports and swimming for at least one week.

Is it permanent?

Yes, Zyoptix is permanent. One treatment is all that most people need, however, 5 to 10% of patients need some additional fine-tuning (re-treatment) to get the best desired possible vision correction.

What will happen immediately after the procedure?

After the treatment, you may experience some after-effects of the surgery. Most of these are quite normal and will disappear quickly including dry eyes and a gritty feeling after long periods of sleep or in very dry environments. You will be given drops for this. Other temporary effects include hazy, unstable vision and glare with night vision and possible overall tenderness of the cornea.