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Zyoptix Wavefront Guided LASIK

Zeiss Zyoptix WorkstationBennett & Bloom Eye Centers offers the Zyoptix™ Personalized Vision Correction System for LASIK patients. This wavefront-guided LASIK system by Bausch & Lomb allows our doctors to provide you with a previously unprecedented customized LASIK plan.

Zyoptix has been widely used around the world in hundreds of thousands of procedures. In clinical trials, patients were highly satisfied with their results. The trials show that 99% of patients were extremely satisfied or satisfied and none were dissatisfied with their results six months following the Zyoptix procedure.

The excellent results are due in large part to the diagnostics. The Zyoptix Diagnostic Workstation uses an integrated topography/wavefront analysis that maps up to 9,600 data points and provides a precise three-dimensional picture of your eye’s unique shape and characteristics. With this information, our doctors create a personalized plan for each individual eye.

In addition, the system offers the widest range of approved treatment (sphere up to –7.00 D and cylinder up to –3.00 D) and ability to treat higher-order aberrations (irregularities in the curvature of the cornea). This provides better night vision with less glare than with traditional LASIK.

All of this technology in the expert hands of our doctors can help you achieve the vision results you’ve always wanted. For more information on Zyoptix, please see our frequently asked questions section, or contact a member of our Vision Correction team.